Shared memory file

I need to make a shared memory file between the vvvv patch and MAXScript. I use vvvv patch to write data to the file and MAXScript to read the data form this file.
please, help me

you forgot to mention the problem.

the problem is to synchronize the read/write between the two programs.That is, when the vvvv patch writes the data to the file the maxscript(which reads the file) waits untill the patch finish the writing and vice versa .

mhm, SharedMemory (Windows) doesn’t provide a syncing mechanism.

i see two options:

  • write your own sharedmemory dynamic plugin that does syncing.
  • if you don’t have extreme timing issues you could try with an extra memfile that carries a sync-flag. ie before writing you check if the sync-flag is set. if it is set, wait, if not, set it, write, then take it a way…something like this…

or sync via udp?