Shadows, Lighting, DOF in 360

Hi everybody,
We are developing a project for 360 scenarios such as Dome and will need some lighting, shadows, DOF. Where should I begin to look? I underestand all this should be rendered on cubemap. I dont write shaders so I’m afraid that could be a problem.
Thanks for any help

Hey matka,
do you find a solution for this? I also want to make nice shadows but i have the same problem like you with the cubemap rendering…

Yeah, go with SuperPhysical

Nothing realy changes.
If you want to use forward rendering (like superphyiscal from mburk) then its anyway no problem.

I also recommend not to use cubemap rendering in 360 degree setup but multiple viewports, this way you can easily apply post processing on it as it all comes down to a normal texture that you can pass trough fx chains.

@tekcor isnt this more expensive (computationally speaking) to render multiple viewports isnt the same as it would be to have multiple rendering targets, so assuming that they will be combined (six of them) to create the “cubemap” there will be need also 6 instances (spreads) of everything and probably superphysical too. Am I right ?

cubemaps are like multi-layered resources so they are specialized cases of Texture2DArray. therefore it’s not more expensive to render to it than to multiple viewports. if you want full performance you can actually create a geometry shader which would render the input triangle on the 6 layers at once, so you can draw stuff to a cubemap in a single pass

Six viewports used to have more intuitive way to setup effects you are going to render, because with cube maps you loose VIEW and PROJECTION semantics used in most of the light calculation and billboards (sprites), if you go microdee way, that actually most performant of what I can imagine :) you will have to deal with that overhead even further…