Shadow fading

Hi everyone. Maybe anyone knows how to make so: when the object which make a shadow on another object leaves for second object, 1st object shouldn’t
make shadow. But it makes… How to make so that it didn’t make a shadow?

No idea?.. no text …

can you try it to reformulate the question please, i really can t understand what you are trying to do. Maybe a patch if any could help.

So, here is a patch. When yellow cube goes into magenta cube, It shouldn’t drop shadow on magenta cube.

myCubes.v4p (40.8 kB)

GouradProjectedTexture effect is missing

Oh, sorry! Here it is (8.7 kB)

I opened your patch but when the yellow cube goes into the magenta cube, I don t see any shadow cast.

sorry, now i checked the patch (14.0 kB)

now I see, first question: why are you doing shadows this way?

try to set the far plane of lookatrect to around 0 and a near plane to about -0.40

have you tried softshadow?