ShaderFX Vector2 Join

Hello Hello!

I´m looking for a Vector2 Join Node in ShaderFX. During NODE Tebjan show in the Workshop “Preview to ShaderFX” the Vector4 Join Node. Is there a way to patch my own Vector2 Node? I already try to copy and paste the nodes from vector4, but if I do this, all nodes get red…
I´m trying to get the red and green channel from a texture - maybe someone has a workaround for me?

Thanks, miik

you can use the generic GetMember node for that, with rg or xy as member input. does this work?

this is probably because you are missing the references from the document. if you don’t have these references added to your document, the VL compiler cannot find them. also, if you want to make a new node, you need to add a shader file for it, in order to be found. these are the ones that currently exist: VL.Stride.Runtime/src/Effects/ShaderFX

As you can see, some type combinations are missing. we didn’t continue to add more nodes, since this should be done by a factory. but we didn’t have time to work on that yet. it will probably take a bit until this will be automatic and general. for now, it is experimental and you have to add missing nodes/shaders manually.

here is an example of creating a custom ShaderFX node that can contain any shader code: