Shaderbased buffer?


i´m trying to use buffer(EX9.Texture) or queue(EX9.Texture) to fade smoothly between the existing version of a texture and an updated one (after the texturefile has changed and a reload is triggered).
I can do what i want, every time i connect one of both nodes to an fx- node i get problems, as there always seems to be some trouble getting buffered texturedata loaded when used on ex9- geometry.
When i connect two additional simple dx9- quads and corresponding renderer (for visual feedback about what data are actually loaded into the two slices of the queue) things tend to be up and running but even then one can´t predict if this is always safe. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn´t.

Is there a way to buffer texturedata via the pixelshader instead, or does anyone have a tip on how to fade instead of switch, when a texture is changed (means: filepath stays the same, texture looks different)?

Thx, Chris

could you post a reduced version of your patch showing the bug? it’s hard to tell without knowing your approach.

I switched to “Patching Questions” and posted a new thread there as this mainly seems to be a problem with the texturebuffer- node.

i thought of being able to buffer in shader instead, but this seems to be not possible.

see “queue- problem” in patching questions, please!