Shader fails when you open shader editor

Hey all!

so this is really sporadic
it happens consistently with some shader files, and not at all otherwise
if you open the shader in the shader editor, then the shader will not render. closing the shader editor doesn’t fix it, neither does changing code, reloading shader, loading shader in new node, reloading patch, etc.
have to restart vvvv

I had this before and it was super annoying
So far I haven’t identified what’s causing it

Any clues?


p.s. pleease please can we have email notifications on forum replies!

p.s. reloading patch doesn’t fix
reloading vvvv does
testing on vvvv 24.1
was having same problem on 24 once before
EDIT: 27.1,27

udpate : same shader isn’t failing in a seperate patch
the first patch had 4 viewports in 1 renderer

hei elliot.

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  • you’re talking of 24 and 24.1, i hope you mean 27 and 27.1?!
  • you say it happens consistently with some shaders, so please upload some such here for us to reproduce.