Shader Editor doesn't refresh the changes

Hello people,

i have some problems in the beta 25 with the shader editor, it saves the code in the shaders, but in the patch i can´t see the changes that i´ve made, the new pins doesn´t appears.

Is there any conflict when the shaders are duplicated with the same name in diferent folders?

has anybody the same behavior?

thanks a lot


hey, it’s a known issue since 24.1.

you have to save ( CTLR-S ) to activate changes.

same issue with error messages.

developing shaders is definitely better in 23.

Thanks Kalle,
i´ve saved several times the changes but nothing happends,
i´ll try to work on a copy of the file.
I miss the old editor with autocompile :(

On the copy it works,
thanks again

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