Shader debugger inside the patcher

is there any shader debugger available within the vvvv patcher? Any console to trace linking errors, syntax mistakes, etc.


not that much ;]
and not sure if some other debuger will work for vvvv shaders

Hey, thanks for the answer.
So i guess we rely on our good typing, eh? ;-)
Does anyone knows if there is any HLSL builder in windows?, maybe it would be easy to jump from a pre-tested shader into a vvvv wraper.


yea if anyone knows one that work let me know ;]
what kind of shader you are doing?
if you have a code i can check it out post it here or msg me on skype antokhio

Hey, thanks for the help!
I am actually diving into the HLSL-lang. I have worked a lot in the past with GLSL and I thought it was the good moment to start learning it. So far it has been quite ok. However, the only thing that is annoying me is the way to test the shaders inside vvvv. The way I am testing them is like this:
I open a file in notepad++ and save the file with the .fx extension. Then i drag the file to the patcher and keep that instance open. Then i proceed to write and debug the shader itself. Every time i want to refresh the state of the shader i drag it again(always keeping the original instance on the patcher). I have realized that sometimes the patcher doesn’t update the state of the shader file(at least the uniforms). I ran a small test by declaring a texture uniform and then commenting it; the patch didn’t update the new state of the file.
As you can see i am not a windows/directX expert so any feedback would be gladly appreciated. Looking forward to work with HLSL/vvvv.


helo efe,

we are aware of troubles with the codeeditor for effects in beta24 and 24.1. if you don’t mind for shader editing i’d recommend trying beta23 with our old editor that worked quite well.

actually the idea is that you don’t need any external editor. we’ve been developign all our effects without any external tools so far.

Yeah, i just use notepad++ to create the file itself with the .fx extension; most of editing is done in vvvv. I find quite useful to keep the first instance object of the shader within the patcher, then you can start updating from second instance without the need of updating the whole patcher. Not sure if the best method.
Thanks for the help!


i am not quite sure what you mean there. if you place multiple instances of one effect into a patch they will all be modified if you modify any of the instances. i don’t get the connection between changing an effect and having to change the patch?

I did a small experiment where i had an uniform texture. I commented the tag where the uniform is declared, thus it would be impossible to communicate with the patcher. However, if the instance is not deleted and created again it seems that the state of the shader is not updated. So what i mean here is that i keep one object to write the text and another to test the changes. Maybe is the last useful method to work, that;s why i started this thread. Lack of experience!!



Oh, i just noticed how to keep the instance updated!
sorry for the noise!!

as i said this should be a problem of betas 24 and 24.1 but should work quite well still with beta23.