Shader and grafic card

Most of the shadereffects doesn’t work on my machine. The renderer just remains black.
Some examples that doesn’t work: GaussianBlur, GouraudDirectional (but GouraudDirectionalFF work), PhongDirectional (but PhongDirectionalFF work).

How much depend the shaders on the grafic card? I run vvvv on a IBM ThinkPad with quite a standart ATI Graphic Card (ATI Mobility Radeon). Does this card doesn’t support most of the shader-techniques? How can I extend the grafic-capabilities of a mobile computer?

Found a few hints here

m. seems your card can’t do those effects. and if so, you cannot really do anything about it but getting a new graphiccard/laptop.

ati mobility radeon is too general. there is a number missing. like 9200, 9600, …
i think the 9600 are the oldest cards that support pixelshaders 2.0 (which are needed for the effects you mentioned above).

note that the …FF versions are supposed to work on all graphiccards since they don’t use shaders at all but only the FixedFunction rendering pipeline which has been the standard before the shader-era began.

moved to shader forums …

I din’t find any number in the system settings. But it now seems obvious that that shader-stuff isn’t supportet by this card. Do anyone know about upgrading laptop-computers with that fancy ati/nvidiastuff? Ot is it more useful to go back to desktop-pcs?

usually there is no way to upgrade laptop graphics cards, you have to buy a new laptop … if you do so, try to get one with pixel shader 3.0 (only nvidia 6800 have it now forlaptops). with a desktop you have no problems to upgrade and its cheaper …

does the color change shader or Luma key shder work for you (PS 1.4) ?

same problem here…
i have radeon 7500 and none of the shaders in new tutorial work on my laptop :(
what about radeon 9000? does it support some pixelshaders?
that is the best i can put in my laptop, is it worth 150 USD?

oh, thats sh_t … first i would try to find out if you can use pixelshaders and whats the highest version. open the template shader and look at the Technique Valid pin if you see all slices set to 1 you have PS version 1.0. then go in the shader to the technique declaration and try to increase:


i am sure that PS 1.4 is supported by radeon 9000, but 1.4 is not very cool. better wait and invest in a PS 3.0 laptop …

note that some bug has the effect that the effect node isn’t able to render some techniques (Technique Valid = 0) EVEN when the graphics card should be able to render this technique.

the bug is already fixed for bet9.1

ok, i’m total newbie for ps so please take that in mind, and sorry for a mess…

it seams that it doesn’t work for me:
template(EX9) for ps_1_1 to ps_2_0 seez:

Technique Valid:
1slice: 0 (for all ps)
2slice: 1(for all ps)

0 - Name: TSimpleShader, Passes: 1, validated on current hardware: 0
1 - Name: TFixedFunction, Passes: 1, validated on current hardware: 1

thnx tonfilm, i’ll wait for ps_3_0 laptop…grrrrrr… :(
or buy a little barebone so i can take it on a bus :)
someone had some experiance with this little barebone desktops?
i’m sick of investment in laptop, i mean i have a great laptop but it’s graphic car is total sh_t, i would like to see a future with laptops that have solved this thing couse it is the only thing that makes them old…

hi, I’m having troubles with a Intel®82852/82855 GM/GME Graphic controller, it doesn’t run the shaders I use, is vvvv compatible with this card?

It’s runing in a new vaio, i thougth it would run properly,
are the settings the problem?
do I have to use another graphic card?

sounds like this graphics card isn’t really one…the gpu isn’t capable of shader stuff…always look for nvidia or ati cards

just to be shure,
ATI Mobility Radeon X600 Video Chipset; or
ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 Video Chipset


X600 will do up to shader 2.0, not the fastest one

i only know x1300,1600,1800 and 1900…so if it’s one of this family, it is capable of shader 3.0 as far as i know. just check

in general all ati x cards should do the job, i have x800 cards in use