SHA256 Node

Dear lovvvvely People!

I am working on a Project involving the RESTful HTTP node by @korriander

The API i want to communicate with needs header info in SHA256 format.
I found the SHA1 Node, so i was wondering if it would be a huge problem for the dev’s or the community to provide a SHA256 variant. Also a HMAC-SHA512 solution would save a man’s day.

I researched the topic, but as i am not a programmer i’m kind of stuck.

I would be very thankful and of course would provide the end result to the community.

With best regards

hei, just a quick headsup since I’m on mobile atm: yes will be simple to add those two operations. with vl it should really just be a few clicks. with c# a few lines of code…

will get back to this next week when back on my desk if noone beats me

Ok Joreg sounds great!

Thank You so much in advance!

there’s one in mp.essentials for ages now

here you go: VVVV.String.SHA.vl (16.4 KB)

simply put in a \vl directory next to your patch and it should add SHA256 (String) and SHA512 (String) nodes to the nodebrowser.

I created a new folder, saved an empty patch and put a vl folder in it, put the file in vl folder,closed and run vvvv, but the node does not show in nodebrowser.

sorry, my bad. forgot to mention this works with latest alphas only, as it uses the new importing feature already…

thanks for checking!

Ok Joreg thank you so much!

I will do some testing and let you know how it worked out!

Still, already a big thank you for your time!

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