Setup new laptop... ideas, suggestions etc

For those of you who experienced my laptop behaving weird at NODE, you will understand why I am happy to get a fresh new laptop. weeee!

Now that I have this nice chance to start fresh, I would like to hear what you guys do when you set up a new laptop. It should be set up so that the main use case is me patching vvvv.

I have of course set it to not shut down when not touched and also not turn off the screen.

Any suggestions of what to disable, get rid of etc?

I’d recommend to cancel windows auto update, disable system sounds, turn the desktop background to black…

on machines I use for installation I do turn off updates, but I actually find it quite nice to get the updates automagically on my laptop.

as desktop background, I use a test pattern that allows me to see convergence, color and if a projector is keystoned. I find that super handy

EDIT: somehow I made a double post

old post:

yea i got new friend too ;]
guess gonna check win 10 straight away
pretty bad ass i7 16 Ram, multitouch, gtx850, ssd

I also like some points out of the Watchout Tweaking List…