Setting vvvv as a DirectX wallpaper

If anyone here has ever poked around in VLC settings, they’ve noticed that it has a DirectX wallpaper option. Winamp, or rather Milkdrop 2, has this option in their music visualizer, but I was really interested in doing the same thing with vvvv.

I already found a forum post regarding setting vvvv as a screensaver, but I was interested in setting it as an actual desktop background. Does anyone know I would go about doing this? I really would like to set it to a music visualizer I’ve created.

I’m thinking of designing an extra patch that creates random smooth data while music isn’t playing. Shouldn’t take long at all. If I can successfully do this, I’ll be interested in doing a video tutorial on the process and posting it on YouTube with the intention to have it listed on this site.

I found this forum thread on another site that seems to partially cover it, but it is heavily technical and I’m not sure it would be able to be implemented into vvvv.

It seems like you could get away with not having a background in the EX9 renderer and set it up as a windowless output.

hei otacon,
i am afraid vvvv does not support this with its DX9 renderer. probably possible but there are no plans about implementing this.

That’s too bad. I’ve always had the idea of putting a set of EQ bars on my background while I listen to music. What’s really fun is to fullscreen a pretty patch and put it behind your browser, then activate a little tweak that makes the browser semi-transparent. Super awesome browsing with music!