Setting the Renderer Size

I wonder if it is possible to give a renderer screen a specific size, and I don’t mean full screen.

When I drag and scale the renderer, I can see the size, but it is hard to get a specific size.

Patching something for an old 800x600 touchscreen, no need to go fullscreen on my HD monitor, but I really prefer to get it pixel precise.

Hope any one can give me the golden hint.


The 2-d thing i want to do is the render window sizer and positioner like that, you can check there is older version of it easier to costumize

otherwise there is also couple links in software links somewhere

IOSizer (VVVV).v4p (25.7 kB)

you can try the helppatch of teh node window(windows)

The setpatch thing not really working, but I like the idea, need to dive into that. But the windows (windows) works easy. Now I am asking, any easy way to get my display resolution? So I can do the math to make t 800x600?

try ScreenInfo (Windows) by @woei from the addonpack.

Wow, yes, we are there, was a bit worried about the border, but pressing CTRL-8 makes the borders go away, and I get exactly 800x600 pixels, many thanks!!

eh… joy of having this as little modulo was so close


If anyone needs the same Mr Woei has a great little module here (SetRenderer)