Setting force to each buffer element

Is there a way to set a directional force with different vectors to each buffer element?

Hey, i think its only a question of how you want to generate / sample the direction you want. Heres an example with an SDF:

( theres a node for this already just an example :) )
Sometimes you might have to hit F9 if some forces dont update after input changes.
This should work the same way if you want to use a buffer inside your particle system. If you need further help its always better to post a patch.
DirectionalForce_MultipleVectors.vl (29.2 KB)

Hey, I guess I figured out how to use multiple vectors for Directional force in the case of numeric data (when it should be parsed through the buffer). I want to share the result in case someone finds it helpful.
Thank you for your help.
DirectionalForce per instance.vl (58.1 KB)