Setting depth Buffer

Just tried out my depth buffer hack in fullscreen and it drops out of fullscreen mode, is there anyhope of this not happening, or is it a dx thing?
I have some patches that need no buffer and some that do, and Im trying to use them in a patch switcher, and while I can go fullscreen again, it just would be nice to simply freeze …


actually i’d say that should work. can you try one thing for me:
on a dualmonitorsetup go fullscreen on one monitor. on the other use the inspektor to change the depthbuffer of the fullscreen renderer. i remember having tried exactly that sucessfully.

you can use this patch also it work , maybe a litle bit buggy…

SetBackbuffer.v4p (13.4 kB)

Ahh! I needed to set the fullscreen pin to 1 , id just been alt entering then it works, has to reload all the assets, but thats better than dropping out of fullscreen!