setSlice Texture to texture spread pain


Maybe it’s the sun today, I am struggling the the setSlice 2d Texture node. I want to write a texture into a buffer, and transform this to an texture spread. I get a spread but always the same texture.

getslice_setslice.v4p (20.6 KB)

ok, this one works in 50beta35.4_x86, no idea why it does not run in the older 64 bit?
by the way, Is this the best method to generate a texture spread?

getslice_setslice.v4p (24.1 KB)

hmmm. it works for the first time. I fill the setslice with 100 placeholder textures. when I start to overwrite from the beginning. nothing happens. reset the slice. empty… and refill. nothing. no error.

any ideas?

the latest patch uploaded here works fine for me under 35.5. it’s a bit slow, but that’s the Asset Node reloading the textures every frame. also no crash or misbehaviour noticed.

as a reference, here’s another helppatch
SetSlice (DX11.Texture2D) help.v4p (34.8 KB)

yes, i studied your patch to make my test patch. Actually the framebuffer things works. I changed nothing in this patch, perhaps some other things in the project stops the setslice…

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