SetSlice Bug

Hi vvvv lovers,
I try to create a simple counter to control light projector in a second time, a system much like a chaser.
I feel that there is a bug in the setslice node. I am attaching a patch in which there are two ways to count that produce the same result. Sometimes reversing the direction seems accelerated speed. Sometimes everything works.
Have you any idea?

SetSliceBug.v4p (10.4 kB)

The error is not in the setslice node, disconnect it and connect an iobox value to the output pin of the framedelay.

No idea how to exactly explain what is happening in your patch to you, but if you switch the direction during the frame the LFO is outputtimg a bang (1), than you feed the framedelay wit a constant +1. Since you set the speed to 0.2, the changes of you doing so are 1 out of 6 (with 30fps) or something complicated like that.

Check the helpfile for Peakspread (spreads), or why not use the Cycles pin of the LFO node, just connect it directly to the index pin of the setslice node, save yourself the trouble with the framedelay mess, you can reverse using the reverse pin on the LFO.

I tried directly with the LFO and it works without problems.
I wonder from where this phenomenon nevertheless. This does not seem related to Framedelay or Counter …
Strange …

Thank you Westbam.

NotSetSliceBug.v4p (11.4 kB)

Ahh… I see, the ‘bug’ is the Switch (Value Output), and it is not a bug.

When you check the helpfile (press F1), you will see that on switching, the other output pins will remember the last value.

So what happens, when you change the direction, you might be lucky, and change the direction (and thus the switch) in the exact same frame as when the LFO bangs. So the switch will remember the bang, will output a constant 1, and the counter will count like crazy. (when you hoover above pins, you will see that).

Check my Westtricks amigo, there are some pointers given out there:
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