SetPatchMode improvement

The way SetPatchMode works is a bit annoying and not consistent with other VVVV nodes.

Current SPM only does anything when one of the input values changes. Once SPM has changed the window mode the user can resize the window however they want and SPM does nothing until the input values change again.

What this means in practice is that you cannot easily use SPM to restore a window to a default state after the user has modified the settings.

It would be better if SPM had an “activate” input to trigger its operation even if the input values are constant.

While we are about it, two other improvements for SPM which I think are useful:

  • The ability to set/reset the “scrolling” of the visible part of the patch inside the window or box.
  • The ability to provide a patch alias input so that SPM can apply to patches other than the current patch