SetIO (Value)

Is there something like SetIO (String) which lets you set the value in a connected IOBox?
i found woei’s module, but unlike SetIO (String), the value one lets you change the properties of the IOBox, NOT the data contents

hmm. if the IOBox is connected, it just has the value from the input. only if disconnected you can change it. this is by design.

In PD and MAX you can indeed do this because there values are only transferred when an event is happening. In vvvv all pins always have a value (which i feel makes things much simpler to debug).

so you are probably looking for a node like S+H (String) to do what you want.

dear elliot,
i think that oschatz didn’t get the point that you are refering to existing modules.

the “SetIO (String)”-module can be easily adapted to be an “SetIO (Value)”-module.
although i think it’s somehow messy patched i attach this here as a quick hack.
there are lots of things to improve, i cannot go into details right now.


SetIO (Value).zip (2.8 kB)