SetIO (Value) and (String) bug

Hi vvvvorld,
I found a little bug in SetIO (Value) and SetIO (String) modules. In either nodes I can’t spread values or strings. Please look at the attached patch. If I delete the add (String Spectral) node inside the module it works fine.

I don’t know the XML description of the patch so please tell me if I’m right or not.


SetIO_bug.v4p (6.0 kB)

i’m quite sure it’s prevents from some serious bugs.
there is also binsize pin, witch you prob should use if you don’t want to run in it.

not a bug, just the bin size pin missing as antokhio says.

atm it’s patched so you could set a spread of values on one iobox, that’s what the add is for

@woei: yes, right. Just the bin size pin missing from add (String Spectral). I suggest to add the pin in the module for the next release.

Thank you guys! ;)