Setfullscreen resolution with Matrox

i never managed to get @Kalle’s Setfullscreen resolution module to work properly when it s got to set a fullscreen on a Matrox Triplehead2Go Digital Edition.
It needs to switch between 2 different resolutions before it gets the latest right.
Anybody experienced anything similar? Solutions?

I typically change the resolution after I have gone fullscreen so I start out with another resolution than the one I want and then change it back. I use @msberger’s SetRes, but I still have to switch back and forth.

yes that s how I do it, but now I d need to get a an installation done for non-vvvv people so I d need a click and launch solution. I am trying to get some kind of programming, (go fullscreen, change res, set fullscreen res, etc.) but it s not really clean and safe as I d like it to be.

yes, I have done things like this before, in such a case, I just use monoflop and switch to change the resolution to something other than the desired resolution and then back again after a second or so

what about this one? It theoretically should work… but it doesn t… :(


which one?

This one!.. no text …

AutoSetFullScreenRes.v4p (7.8 kB)

you should avoid using delay for bangs, not all bangs comes through.

sec, I will give an example of how I do it

Yep i noticed that one too, isn t there a way to decide how many frame the frame delay is waiting for?

Here is my approach, you can add the onopen and that to this, but this is how I go about going fullscreen.

GoFullscreen.v4p (11.1 kB)

I think woei did something like an adjustable frame delay.

but why would you need that in this case?

so, after 8 hours spent on vvvv trying to solve the issue, I pinned it down to the Matrox setup. In the Powerdesk manager you can choose whether a fullscreen will be triggered on both screens or just in one of them, i had that one wrong.
Funny thing is that on my laptop when I have in tray an icon with a link to a Wizard which i always used, while on the computer I was dealing with there is no wizard, need to check that out.

Thanks for the patch!


arh IO… Powerdesk causes nothing but issues when it comes to vvvv. Prevent it from loading on windows start up (run msconfig and untick from startup list) You don’t need it running to use a Xhead2go. The only time you need to run it is to configure the none standard resolutions. Run it, change settings, restart windows (doesn’t load powerdesk) and the extra resolutions are now available.

Man I’ve seen some really annoying bugs in the past that take ages to figure out and it all came down to powerdesk. You don’t even ever need to install it to use a Xhead2go with standard resolutions. As said, you only need it if you want the none standard resolutions from the device.