Servo and PWM mode don`t working. Arduino Firmata 2.2 Plugins

Hi all.

arduino UNO
PWM and SERVO modes don`t work.
In FirmataTest all working

have ideas?

I see that motor is not turning and light is not switch on. And I call it as “returns false”

make sure you have the Standard Firmata 2.2 on your arduino. the plugins have been tested excactly with the Uno and version 2.2. i don’t see any reason why it should work.

are you using beta28.1. the plugins and the module come with the addon pack. just to make sure you use the most recent version.

Use beta28.1 and Firmata 2.2 from

Don`t understand this
“LED to digital pin 11, a potentiometer to analog pin 0 and a switch to digital pin 7”

Can detail of this?

in the example, we connected

a LED to digital pin 11
a potentiometer to analog pin 0
and a switch to digtial pin 7

therefore, if you just copy this setup, the example patch would make the LED shine, the potentiometer value would be shown in the patch as well as the 0/1 value of the switch

are you sure you enabled the arduinoFirmata module in v4? see enabled pin ?