Server (vvvv) over multiple instances

just to clarify
one Server (VVVV) wont be able to set values for exposed pins in multiple instances of VVVV right ?
what would be a workaround ? The goal would be to have one patch that feeds an UI with changable values from differend modules, that idealy would be in their own instances (to kill them if not needed).

greetings xxxlalala

hm…i am afraid i don’t really get what you’re aiming at. how about one Server (VVVV) per instance and one GUI that collects all the exposed values from all the instances and sends osc back to them?

thanks for clarifying, that was the solution id had in mind.

what i wanted was to have one instance with Server (VVVV), that sets all Exposed values in all other instances, but i i think i misunderstand the concept of the Server (VVVV) Node a bit. Now everything is cleared

i removed the Solution Flag.

I am trying to make the Server (VVVV) - Node Per Instance Thing work, but
how can i tell the difference between two identical Patches (each in its instance) if they have the same ID.
Is there some Argument i can pass them when i start them via shell execute ?
Or is there some other property that makes a vvvv instance unique that i can retrieve in the patch.

Or can i open a patch programaticaly in its own Instance and give its udp note a specific Remote Port, that would let me tell the difference between the instances of course

i attached one image of a patch that should be opened in its own instance (note its not about the Output yet just about beeing able to spawn instances as needed).
greetings xxxlalala

Server (VVVV) has a Listening UDP Port which you need to set differently on both instances. otherewise you’d get an error already…see?

hey joreg,
i understood that part.
the thing i dont understand is: how do i start a patch in a new instance, with a different port without any further interaction.

sth like:
start vvvv.exe /allowmultiple /o bla.v4p /port 1337

this way i could tell the server node to listen to that port while starting it.
it does not have to be a batch script, but a Solution wich i can use from the UI-Patch that controlls the whole application.

ah, you need Args (VVVV)

thats it!!
thank you very much, both of you.