SerialPort doesn't work

Hi evvvveryone!

I want to send a message to Raspberry Pi Pico using USB cable.
I connect Pi Pico in Arduino IDE and I’ve wrote a little programme that read messagge from Port COM8. It works when I put chars with keyboard via Serial Monitor interface.

But now I want to send a message with VVVV and I’ve found in help browser the node SerialPort, with the instructions on how send and receive message. The problem is that I can’t get the node to work: I built the message to send but it doesn’t send anything as output.
I’m using VVVV Gamma in 2021.3.0 version.

I attach the image of the patch I’ve wrote!

Don’t know, seems obvious, but have you set Open to true?


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Yes, I have already set the pin Open to True but the node doesn’t work!
When I click on the bang Send the output pin (SpreadByte) shows nothing, also the On Data pin it isn’t triggered visually.

Another problem is when I set Open to True, in Arduino I can’t open the Serial Monitor (I attach the error’s screenshot).

It’s not possible to open/access the port from two programs. You can either open it from vvvv or the Arduino IDE not both.

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Thank you very much for the information! I’m a noob in these things and I’m having difficulty to find information on the internet.

I understood this concept and now I see that VVVV is able to establish communication with the COM8 port (Pi Pico’s port), but the SerialPort node continue to not generate and send message on output!

Using input from the Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE the serial input from keyboard works, but from VVVV no because there isn’t any message created.

Do you wait for any character in your routine on the Arduino side?
Could you also post the arduino code (Only the serial part of it)

Yes, in Arduino I wait for any character input to turn on the led of Pico.

Now I would like to do the same thing but using VVVV: send a character and turn on the led! But with VVVV I can’t send any message over the port COM8, and over any other port.


gonna try it tomorrow and see if i can get it to work

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Thank you very much @bildwerk!

Continuing the tests today I noticed that the patch crashes after two SEND triggered: the help browser no longer closes and the only thing I can do is restart the computer.

I downloaded and used a serial port sniffer and I saw that two messages are sent, but I don’t understand if they actually arrive at their destination or if they crash.

I attach again the screenshots of the different screens (in the second I cut an important part, but the character send by VVVV is displayed in the message 0000039)

ahoi, i tried it and it works here. but i have no rpi pico just some arduinos to test.

attached you find my patch, and my arduino code (same as yours basically) - can u try it?

serialtest.vl (19.3 KB) (495 Bytes)

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