Serial communicating from one Arduino to another

Hi All,

Hoping someone can help me with this please. So I’m trying to communicate from arduino1 to another arduino2 (firmata arduino that is connected to VVVV), using the TX on arduino 1 and the RX on arduino 2. I have standard firmata loadedo on arduino 2. The TX and RX lights flash on the arduino 2 when I load that arduino code, and they flash on arduino 2 when I enable the vvvv code. However when I press a button on arduino 1, the TX and RX on arduino 2 do not flash. Is it possible for the VVVV to communicate with arduino 2, and arduino 2 to also receive a signal via the RX input?

I hope that wasn’t worded too confusingly.


Hi, well this is more of an arduino question but I guess if you want some help you have to upload your arduino 1 and arduino 2 code at list…I guess you need to mod your standard firmata code somehow to be able to handle this… It is not clear if the arduino 1 button press sent to arduino 2 is arduino 1 TX blinking when you press button?

Arduino 1 TX is not blinking, but when I loaded the code onto arduino 1, the RX flashed

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