Sequencing scenes in vvvv: the best approach

Hello everybody! I’m rather new to vvvv (which is still shame on me:) ), but also have some complex patches done in PD. So the question is what’s the common approach should be taken to program complex (or simple) sequence of events in VVVV?

For example, PD or Max/MSP patch can be linked to midi/audio-sequencer, thus composition logic may not be hard-coded into patch.

Is there some tool or object (like PD-s array, for instance)?

Or is it up to vvvv-user to program low-level routines on his/her own, like parsing raw text-files?

Thanx in advance

hi g_gurda.
midi in is supported ( with any other things)

about sequencing, in “theatre” spirit, you may found interresting the node automata, or have a look at timelinerSA, a plug in that our dear joreg is building hardly.
About midi: getting midi is done by asking for midinote node for Key On messages, and Midi controller node for CChange.
you may find for loops and sequencer that in fact VVVV is far more powerfull than a sequencer, usually Midi hardware us used to bang events and series of events, orto give parameters.

you may found very very very interresting kalle’s User page wich is a ressource center of its own.

@karistouf: thx for the flowers again…

@g_gurda: welcome!

So the question is what’s the common approach should be taken to program complex (or simple) sequence of events in VVVV?

uuuh, it depends on…
there are really lots of approaches to do something like ‘sequential control’.

if you have any midi sequencer you are really experienced with you may want to use this to control your patches.

or let PD or MAX/MSP talk to VVVV and viceversa. take the best of both worlds.

i mostly prefer my very own approaches to this and stay within vvvv. but perhaps i do this only for the reason i try to do everything with vvvv…

if you describe your ideas a bit more precise you surely get more precise help…


Thank you for the replies.
I already found midi-support objects, but, so it is usual to use straight old-plain MIDI (with notes and controls) to program complex, erm, “songs” in vvvv?!

Sounds rather surprising! And what’s about performance and synchronization issues?

“Timeliner” app looks the same thing I’m talking about, but it looks still not finished:(

My desire is just simple:
i want to “scene 1” be played from 0:00 till 1:00 (let it be for instance, bunch of killer tomatoes),
then “scene 2” from 1:00 till 1:45 (tomatoes are shashed by 3-d hammer), and so on.

Is it possible to program it in other way, like using counters and timers? Is there are such “nodes”?

what’s about performance and synchronization issues?

quite complex to answer. perhaps someone else wants to…

but it looks still not finished:(

same is my opinion…

My desire is just simple:

Interval (Spreads) comes very handsome here.

the second patch is simplified.
i copied this from a patch i’m currently working on and forgot to take out somethings you don’t need for understanding…

gurda.v4p (10.4 kB)
gurda_simplified.v4p (8.8 kB)

Thank you, that’s exactly the thing I’ve been looking.

Understanding vvvv or other program is the question of understanding it’s ideology, so the basic thing here is ‘spread’

Also, it’s sad that vvvv developers can not combine efforts with PureData developers, some things are really great here, I mean ergonomics and handy controlling tools. It looks much more flexible, tcl/tk gui was not very great all time…