Sequencer node improvement

sequencer should output a bang for each time the loop starts the playback, something like a change connected to the cycles pin of an lfo, see what i mean?

A cycle pin even better…

jo, see beta>14

Thanks :)… no text …

pause, reverse and reset Pins? it would be great!

Also a TimeRecorded Pin Out…or a phase out… …cool…

…sorry, I’m always in late… :)

testing the Sequencer, I found that there’s a REC time limit, nearly 16.8 seconds. if I try to record more than 17 sec the sequencer restart to rec from 0 seconds.
it’s true? If yes, it’s a necessary limit of the node or is a bug?


you have to know that the sequencer code has quite some dust between its lines. one such line actually reads:
SetLength(FTimelineData, 1000);

this could explain your findings…
will see.

and a speed control would be nice…
and a save…
Or timeliner built in, with writing direct from v4…? ;?)

ah ok, the code… could be dynamic the value Length? there could be a Pin to set it…

Another thing I saw:
In the previous version of the Sequencer the Play mode was immediatly after the Rec mode.
Now I see there’s a “pause”(not every time, not the same length) like a “writing/loading” step. is that? Why there wasn’t in previous version?

Thanks a lot

news for the “pause” bug:
the sequencer works perfectly only the first time you record.
so i thought it could be a rewriting problem…

how could i reproduce that pause problem? i am using the sequencers helppatch and it feels the same to me, everytime i record. if i press space too early there seems to be a pause, of course. i am further not aware of having changed anything related when introducing the CycleCount output.

quite a rework for an old node like sequencer:
in: pause, reverse, reset, speed, maxlength
out: length, phase

sounds a bit like sourcebuffer to me…

maybe the problem is not so visible in the help patch.
try this patch:"

the strange thing is that seems there’s no problem in the 14 beta…

ouright, it seems i bugged it.
i saw the pause and hopefully fixed it for >beta15. also i changed the max framecount of 1000 carefully to 9999. for introducing a pin for this and your other wishes there is not the time right now.

the 1-frame jumps after stopping recording in your patch are i guess from your patch, since nothing similar appears in the helppatch.

tnx joreg,
waiting for the next release… :)