Seperat controlling of circles

Hey there,

i am trying to create an audioreactive christmastree for a homeparty and i am asking myself if there is a quicker way to control the scaling via FFT of every dot in the tree.

Right now i try to achieve this by connecting the spread and the setslice/fft via stallone to the transformation pins as you can see in the bottom of the right corner in the patch.

Is there a faster way to get every dot of the tree scaling up and down via FFT or is this the only way?

And is there an explanation for the rise of the alpha value to the top of the tree? I thought all the dots should have the same aplha value.

Many thanks in advance and sorry for my bad writing…

circles Color.v4p (74.7 kB)

I looked at your patch, and I think you should look more into spreads.
I made a version of your tree using a more spreaded way of thinking, just because it is friday and close to christmas.

ChristmasTree.v4p (30.5 kB)

be spread! a quick one

EDIT: ooops herr sunep was faster

help.v4p (12.1 kB)

oh, I forgot to add a getslice to avoid having all 256 frequencies control a circle each

ChristmasTree2.v4p (35.4 kB)

Oh!!1 thanks a lot! i hope to understand this at the end of the day!

and yes i need to get more into vvvv in general :)

Ok i built every node step by step. Now i think i have understood a bit more.

it will take me a while til i get there to think this way.

I have a last question for understanding: The different frequenzy bands are divided by the "getSlice"node?! So are the deep tones in the higher parts of the tree und the high tones in the lower part? Because the “I(spreads)” is starting to count from 0-15?

Am i right or is the thought completely wrong?

thanks for helping so fast :)

what getslice is doing is that I set the Bin size to 55 as calculated by the Count node counting the Size of the spread coming from the select node that makes sure that there is a value for translation for each circle in the tree.
I tried to make a patch explaining it better

GetSliceBinSizeExplanation.v4p (21.3 kB)