I am having trouble getting separate to work properly. When I click the read file bang the data doesn’t get separated into it’s lines, it says that there is 1 Row, when there should be 4, Is the ‘Auto Line Detection’ not working?

Also, if I want to write a series of lines, how do I write a new line control character?–file missing–

Doh, just found it, needed to put the new line auto detection on, perhaps the help file could say this?

you need a 10 and a 13 as an ascii value to get a carriage return value (put it as a spread in the spell value node and set it to ascii). you will need this carriage return for seperating too. maybe its not in your textfile. you can also seperate it with the same method instead of the autonewline…

how do I write a new line control character?
the Quote node is also quite handy for that…