Separate value frame


i,d like to separate incoming values in 2 incomings , the frame that come fisrt
will be one and the value that come in next frame will be second ,
and so on .

how can i do this …

separate_frame.v4p (4.6 kB)

GetOddEven (Spreads).v4p
you find this in kalle-modules-spreads

kalle, that looks like a simple Vector (2d) Split.

what happens with spreadcount of 7?

hi thank you for your reply , i have not check it yet but ,
even or odd i think it wont work because it is almost ramdom , any other sugestion ?
1 frame 1 value next frame the second value , i mean the actual frames of vvvv

I did something simulair to fade 2 pictures that kept on changing, anyway, attached the global idea. If you set that toggle to 1, it should change every frame.

InverseEveryFrame.v4p (6.1 kB)

have a look at the help patch of the KeySort (Spreads) node.

cool , thank you guys ,