Separate(String) - question

Hi all, I’m referring to the help-patch of Separate(String) in vvvv_beta13.1.

How can I split the data of each column of a CSV-file into separate streams?
One column should output a individual list of strings (or values after converting), vertically.
The IOBox(String) in the help-patch outputs all data (horizontally & vertically).

What I want to do is using a CSV-file (as a playlist) which contains information like id, filename, startzeit, transition (yes or no). The idea is to play images/movies based on that information.

I’m sorry for this basic question but having a complete blackout in my head I can’t manage to do that.

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can you provide a sample csv file?

Thanks for helping, David.
I attached a file with 4 columns (id, imagename, starttime, transition on/off) and 5 rows. I guess the format of starttime is not final yet - but this shouldn’t bother for the moment.

What I need is to put each column’s data into separate ioboxes(advanced value). If there’s an easier way to handle that I’m willing to adapt my concept of course.

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test.csv (130 Bytes)

see attached patch (1.7 kB)

Thank you very much! (I’m glad for me I was trying with Stallone(String))

Your (plural) dedication and this great vvvvorum is one of the aspects why vvvv rules over Max/MSP and PD.
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