Separate Intersperse String bug

Hello evvvveryone,

seems like the Separate Intersperse String doesn’t work as it is supposed to anymore.
See Image and Patch attached … it does only work if the String is a single character.

Tested in b27.1 and b27.


separate_bug.v4p (5.4 kB)

Forgot to insert image …

Also tested with a “t” as intersperse instead of “#” … works as well.

hey readme, are you sure it ever did?

I can remember a patch where I might have used the String this way. That was back in b25 I think.

But well, not quite sure.
Isn’t it supposed to be used like this? If so, the Pin should be renamed to something like “Intersperse Character”, could be misleading otherwise.

i am sure the function cannot handle multicharacter intersperse strings.
btw. see also