Separate Geometry Shader

I was trying to write my first external geometry shader, my point is not to create a simple vertex shader wich can be applyed to any other shading technique.
It come in my mind after I saw this example DX11: GeomFX and instancing)

I’ve tried to create a simple passthru shader but it doesn’t works, the technique is not valid…

Here is the patch. (2.3 kB)

hi, your GSFX looks messed up.
if u want to apply scale, u don’t really need extra pass on GSFX, but as for geometry shader itself it has a little bit different syntax and logic from VS, don’t think ur gsfx is outputs anything at the moment.

try looking on to this example gsfx-per-vertex-normals

Wonderful, thank you very much.
I don’t want to apply scale, it was just a simple test.
I want to write some kinds of swizzle shaders and don’t care about pixelshading.

Just a question, if I modify vertex data in VS they doesn’t reflect in the output geometry, why?

hi, not sure if get that right, but ur original shader was not working.
that’s why if u mod VS nothing happens, since if it not valid it just passes prolly…
there is As Auto shud be set to 1, max elements to something like 9999.
just start it over from normals example and simplify it to ur needs, gonna be easier then writing from scratch.