Separate faces > subset meshes

hey there,

I am experimenting with svens separate faces module (very useful modules on your page btw. thankx alot for sharing them) - and i was wondering if it might be possible to reocnstruct the mesh and declare every face as a separate subset of a mesh. the separate faces could be transformed much more easily then, rather than fiddling the transformations into the vertex buffer …


use a 3d software to separate the faces in subsets. sanch did it once, was looking nice…


i use this one a lot.

it was not prepared for release, so i patched a little help file 4 u. hope you can understand how it works.

with this node you can get any part of any buffer (vertex, normals, texture coordinates) and in the same time translate the index table for use with new buffers.

use vector size to address the amount of data on certain index position. 3 for vertices and normals, 2 for 2D texture coordinates, etc.

if you want to separate one mesh into several parts you have to create spreads of indices for each sub mesh.


SubBuffer (Spreads).zip (5.0 kB)