Sensor box


i’ve seen this product:
Eobody2 Live Sensor Controller Pack from eowave

do you think it’s a good deal (price…333 € excl. VAT with 5 sensors…etc)
and do you think it can be used with vvvv in usb mode (better resolution than throught a midi souncard input )

Hello circuitb,

the price is quite expensive if you ask me,
i meet the guy behind that product in particular the sensors,
i know a guy that used eyesweb for research and use the sensor of eoware but with arduino with good results, have a look at arduino if u don’t know it.
But in reality u can buy that type of sensors and they are very cheap too!

I always work with arduino and sensors from alectronic shops, and infact that sensors aren’t custom made by Eoware apart from some isolating and some little integrations.


i agree, just compare this ;)

eowave sensor

same sensor


333€ is way to much … dont limit yourself with 127 midi steps and 31200 kbit datatrate.

Do the real thing!

buy arduino here:
read a bit there
or there (german)

buy a sharp distance sensor from a supplier of your trust, this is the most flexible aproaching way i suggest. Do the rrest step by step.


me too!!!

sure, Arduino Rocks!!! i have one and extra Atmega168 to build another in a breadboard, its fancy, you can connect anything and arduino is a friend for any software, you can connect almost any sensor and extend its capabilities with other cheap chips, in my humble opinion its the best option, and works very well with vvvv…

thx 4 your help guys
great low budget stuff…exactly what i was looking for!!!
just hope the assembly & intergration with the Arduino Software
is not too complicated for a newbie like me ;)

hello you can find also products here:

sorry its in french, but you have more than products, you have a complete explanation on how to create your own specific sensors .

thanks karistouf
in fact i’m french ;)
i 'll take a look to their website

To start with you’ll just need to install a piece of code that can be found Arduino here arduino05 on to your Arduino.

I’d recommend playing with the Arduino by itself before plugging it in to VVVV though.