Sending Tuio data from vvvv to Reactivision's TuioDemo


I am a newb and need some help in sending tuio data from vvvv to a TuioDemo program

But first let me explain what i intend to do, I am using ReactiVision to detect fiducials and vvvv to detect finger blobs. i used a SplitCamera software to get video output from my camera into the 2 programs simultaneously. I did this because i find that vvvv was better in detecting fingers blobs.

The data receive from the 2 programs will be sent via tuio to a my application that builds on top of a demo app given by Reactivision (TuioDemo.jar).

The problem is that i cant seem to get my app to receive the tuio data. but i tried with the tuioSimulator and it works fine. I think it has to do with the set and alive messages

i included a patch that sends data in tuio format ( i think), am i missing something?


tuiomessage.v4p (32.3 kB)

maybe this can help?