Sending texture over LAN

I d like to be able to capture the screen output of a computer to use it as a texture on a vvvv patch in another computer.
I tried with an inexpensive Avermedia card but the result are quite blurry, so I thought that a remote desktop software should do the trick.
Has anybody ever tried something similar?

What do you want to achieve :

  • Send a real time texture


  • Send a file which represents the Renderer output


sorry, my bad I wasn t really clear about that. I d like to send a video stream of the output. I got some results with VNC and Nomachine NX, then capturing the client with the DirectShow capture driver.
Still I think there should be a better way to send the output without compression and directly.

sounds like a quite advanced hack you are doing there…
what resolutions/framerate are you achieving there?

about streaming textures there is lots of interest around the community.

currently i am using successful AsString (EX9.Texture) in Format A8L8 and DynamicTexture (EX9.Texture String) to transmit a 128 x 128 b/w camera with around 30 FPS for bringing a little interaction to some boygroupclients.
funny thing: TCP works better than UDP!

but even with TCP i have occasionally “lost” frames which are commented by Renderer (TTY) with sth like this:

00:03:10 * : Texture (Width: 128, Height: 128, Format: L8, Filter: None, Mirror X, Mirror Y, Mirror Z, Dither, Srgb In, Srgb Out, MipFilter: None, Mirror X, Mirror Y, Mirror Z, Dither, Srgb In, Srgb Out) couldn’t be created because of unknown reasons.

using UDP the Renderer (TTY) doesn’t stop writing that.

I usually love over-complicated tasks …

The scope is capturing a friend of mine photoshopping free-hand and reuse his work in real time in my patch.

Let s say that a 640x640 at 15-30 fps should be ok. Using remote desktop technology seems to work ok but the results are often a bit “skippy”.

I have never used it but what about the Pipet node? Isn t it possible to use it to send a bitmap of a video-texture frame by frame?

think 640X640 will be too-much for pipet node ;]
it will work if you send 1 frame time to time

The easiest way you can achive is directly videocapture your friend laptop desktop. It’s kinda best way.
As for inputs AVER is garbage use Osprey-210
Or you can use DVI/VGA capture but thay worth 700 euro (Blacmagic Intensity is unsuported by 4v)

Or i can suggest you look more careful on this utility:

let s say that for the moment I can t get anything better than the Avermedia card… so I ll dig a bit more on the remote desktop solution, it probably need a bit of tweaking here and there for better performance …
i think that a node using the VH screen capture API would be a breakthrough…

is anybody on this topic anymore?
i am sending texture over lan, that’s working out well.

i think the bottleneck here is the asstring(EX9.Texture).
my cpu usage is growing up a lot while working with asstring in jpg mode. i tried other formats as well.

do you have any suggestions, workarounds here?

regards, p.


Have a look to the attached patch.

UDP Streaming (3.7 kB)

yes i did the same, but with tcp.
that’s not the thing to send it.

the heavy cpu usage comes from the asString(EX9.Texture).
and that is used in your example as well.

so there is no difference :-(

here i’ve best results when sending an R5G6B5 texture format
around 25 fps for a 128x128 vid
and 10 fps !! for a 256x256 vid

quite same performances for TCP or UDP