Sending spread data over network


one last question before my player is finished (I promise)

I tried boygrouping and it didn´t work very well, the only thing I need in fact are the x,y,rotation coordinates of my fiducial trackers on a client computer (tcp ip network) so that i can place text at the position of the fiducials… is this possible? as i´ve said before i tried boygrouping and it didn´t work for me (i´m sorry but i don´t have time anymore to try it again)…can anyone help me p-l-e-a-s-e!

regards, Gerd

the netsend and netreceive modules are handy here…

tonfilm, you are my hero!

the problem is that the second computer does not receive any data, my client has the ip, and I entered this as the host ip in the netsender but it does not work, maybe a problem with the port or something else? on the same computer it works fine…