Sending/Reciving Midi

Hi all,

We are trying to send midi notes from MIDI-OX via MIDI YOKE into VVVV with no luck using the test patch We tried all the possible ports but still no midi messages in vvvv. I’m sure we’ve missed something really simple and obvious.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

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Can’t download your patch.
If you only want to loop midi between
to programs try this loopBe.
For me it always worked fine without setting up anything.

I am working together with Maxxx on this midi project, so I allow myself to add a few precisions…

We tried both Midi Yoke and LoopBe, and in both case we dont get anything in VVVV. The midi objects in VVVV are recognizing LoopBe as an input port (and also midi yoke when we tried with it). MidiOx also recognizes LoopBe, and apparently sends midi information through it (see the joined screenshot), so in theory VVVV should receive it.

Concerning the test patch we tried, it opens 16 channels and 128 controllers, and consequently outputs a spread with 2048 slices. So it seems that if VVVV receives any midi thing, it should appear there…

The fact that we failed making it work on two different laptops with both MidiYoke and LoopBe makes me feel that we just missed a simple detail. And the fact that there is no help file for midi objects in VVVV is also a problem…

Thanks in advance for your help!

MidiScreenshot.jpg (249.7 kB)
miditest.v4p (24.4 kB)

in your patch the buffer is set at 0 length despite 10 in MidiController node
set it at 10 and your patch will with any midi device / software connected to midiyoke.

Hi, thanks for your answer!
We tried that before, and I just tried again to make sure, but it doesnt change anything…

what exactly are you trying to do? the send part of your patch sends 128 controllers 120 times per second, which is way too much. my loopbe thinks its a feedback and mutes.

but if i lower the bandwidth i can send from the patch and receive the same in the patch again. for what do you need midi-ox?

emmanuel, unlock your midicontroller ( selcection then Ctrl L or H)
this will work. i made your patch work with connection to midi yoke and bufferlength set to 10.
tonffilm:loopbe: hgow do you use it exactly ? i mean artcistically talking or live talking ?

MidiNote seems also not to receive anything… I join my patcher here, can you take a look and tell if there is something wrong there?

midinotetest.v4p (3.7 kB)

it sounds like you are sending midi note data, but you are listening for midi controller data. so use MidiNote instead of MidiController…

Concerning the first patch I sent here, MidiTest.v4p:
It works whenever I try to both send and receive midi data from this patch, through LoopBe (it works something like half a second, before LoopBe detects feedback and mutes, as Tonfilm observed). My problem is to now get midi data from MidiOx…

silly question:

Midichannel 1 is in vvvv midichannel 0.

did you take this in account?

and make a send of your note at a less time rate.
aka if there is a change > you send only the data that has changed. your midi loop pb sounds buffer over flow ( too much data).
about your big array : its ok for storing information, but not for sending.
you need to find if there is a change, in wich place of your array, and then send only the note or the controller that has changed.

if you are frenchreader you will find some informations about difference between Key On or Note and Ctrl Change signal, here:
Introduction au signal MIDI
Musical Instrument Digital Interface

please understand that signal are not the same and that vvvv nodes are not displaying signal family they cant listen to.

Karistouf: Thanks a lot for your links! I just went through it, made a few changes in my patch according to what I read, and now it miraculously works! I am not sure, but I think that by opening several channels at the same time i was not able to see any midi data coming; now, if I just listen to one channel, I can see what I send from MidiOx…
Thanks everyone for the help!

cool… glad to hear you succeed.

now, to be used with your big array:

connect a change node at its output.
when its 1, you get with node sift the position in the array to send, wich allows you to extract the Channel and the Pitch.
like this you can just send when there is a change, only the controller you need.

i didn t realy understood your patch, but if you are thinking of communication INSIDE a patch, you should have a look at S and R (value) nodes.
They allow you to create Global variable you can access from everywhere in vvvv patch without physical connections.
So you can access to midi-in directly allover your patch by picking with R node and getslice.

be aware that R node has a tricky little bug that makes it forget when you first create it its vraiable. so when youo have create your patch with it, save, close, reopen the patch, and reaffect properly the R node to the desire varianble.

Hello Emmanuel,

I am currently having the same problem as you. Please could you detail what changes you made to the patch as the help pages posted by karistouf no longer work.



just copy my link in your web browser, it seems to be some of bug for our vvvvebmaster ;-)

thanks very much thats great managed to get it going, was using the wrong node, needed midinote :)