Sending Play- Record - Sustain message to Akai APC40 / Backlights

Hello, all the question is there: i m using play/ stop , record and sustain buttons on the APC 40, and i would like to lite the backlight Dels. Sending notes of the incoming midi signal given by those buttons doesnt work.
Thank you

I’ve been doing this with an apc20 some years ago.
I’ll try to find back a piece of patch and post it.
I think I was using todo for this.

Thank you Mehdi


I can’t find the patch now, and have no apc with me to try out.

For what I remember, you’ve gotta send notes on a specific velocity to define the 7 states of the LEDs:


  • color 1 on
  • color 2 on
  • color 3 on
  • color 1 blink
  • color 2 blink
  • color 3 blink

And for what I remember, you’ve gotta send it to the same note that you receive from when pushing the pads.


Salut salut @karistouf
Found it back !
Here is a piece of patch that should put you on the tracks.
Looks like the midi note has to be played continious for the led to be on, but you have to trig off/on the play to change the color…
Let me know if this helps !
APC20 LEDs.v4p (13.8 KB)

Thanks a lot Keftaparty, helas my question about SUSTAIN PLAY STOP AND RECORD buttons, wich are note Key On / Key Off messages

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