Sending midi signals from vvvv?

Is it possible to send MIDI signals to another program frm VVVV? I attempted to do this from MidiShortOutput, but can’t select the channel from which to send.

Help is appreciated :-) Thanks!

short output, short answer:

4 bits of the MESSAGEbyte are carrying the channel information.
more about this:

perhaps later a bit more…

ah yes, modules to send some notes are still at my disk, maybe i can upload this evening …

tonfilm, that would be great. thanks so much :-)


i used MidiControllerOut(Devices).v4p once (by the way a nice patch, that saved me a lot of time, tonfilm?!). i encountered some strange problems with sending midi out. the MidiShortOutput node did not work when starting the patch, until i once sent a message to channel 128. so, if you have problems, bang it on loading to send a message to channel 128.
good luck,

i am on it … please be patient, i have to change the module a little …

hi tonfilm, I’m trying to send midi note values to reaktor but don’t get it running. would be nice if you could send me your module.

thanks m9d

I have succesfully sent midi, using midi yoke to create virtual midiinterfaces that work between programmes.

works like a charm between ableton and vvvv,. just be careful about not generating midi feedback


ehm ;) …some midi out moduels are here now: MidiOut

exuming an old topic about midi…

i’m using an echoplex(external Loop hardware generating Midiclock) to synchro slave live (via MidiClock)
when the first loop is done on the echoplex…
i get the “played” tempo value with MidiCLock (Devices)
and some divide operation …

the idea is first to get an estimation of
the played tempo (first 8 or 16 bars) with a +/-3 bpm precision
cause of the tempo fluctuation…
and then switch to a fixed tempo value

but the problem as explained in the attached link
is to bang the DoSend pin of the MidiShortOut at the good rate
and to send the 248/249/254 and 255 decimal value in the good order???)
for the speed i’ve try LFO scaled …
but nothing seems to be fast enought or precise enought…to bang the MidiShortOut and get a good tempo

the cpu frequency also seems to interact with the midiclock “rate”

the link of a previous post on cpu & midi timing