Sending messages via osc from max to vvvv

dear list

i try to send messages via osc from max/msp to vvvv
from max there is a message like
“videoHz 10” -> |OpenSoundControl| -> |udp-write 4444|
in v4 i use the OSCDecoder help patch just with the port number 4444
the other way v4 --> max works (with another portnum)
the ports are not blocked
are there any examples like with pd ?

thanx for help


dear tobias,

just today i tested OSC-communication with NI Traktor
had the same issue with port 4444
(sorry joreg, forgot to tell you in #vvvv…)

and let me tell you that there is a bug with decoding floatingpoints which joreg eliminated (just few hours ago) for the next beta!

beyond that traktor->vvvv works pretty fine on other ports…

kind regards


i changed the portnumber but the only thing i get in vvvv
udp says #bundle
whats wrong with “/videoBlah value” ?



the only thing i get in vvvv
udp says #bundle
whats wrong with “/videoBlah value” ?

same with Traktor.
but when you check the length of that string it is more than 7letters (Traktor 52letters)
somewhere in that string is a linefeed or carriagereturn or something else.

i connected a Split (String) to the UDP (Network Server) and an IOBox (String) with about ten rows and ten columns, so i could see that somewhere later was a string like /Traktor.MasterLevelR or so.

then check the Adress-string for that OSCDecoder (Network) for misspelling.


p.s.: better do NOT change the queuemode of the UDP (Network Server) to concatenate. vvvv might slow down heavily

osc-messages can be sent in bundles or not. max/msp defaults to sending bundles which vvvv can not decode. yet. i fixed that for beta9.1.

meanwhile you have to tell max/msp’s osc-sender object not to send bundles. you can do so by sending it the message “resetalltheway” (or similar…have a look in the helppatch). beware! this message acts as a toggle!! sending it twice resorts to the #bundle mode.

kalles mentioned floatingpoint-bug is not in the official beta9 release. you should not encounter any problems with that.