Sending keyboard shortcut with vvvv

i hope i dont spam the forum to much.

i found a good solution to my problem, i just need to send the shortcut
Ctrl + Alt + Space in vvvv. Maybe someone can help.


Maybe try this: VL.IO.MouseKeyGlobal


i checked the helppatch for all available nodes, but it seems they are kinda alternative
mouse and keybord input nodes. as far as i understand.

i found a similar topic where somebody uses the sendMessage node to do that.
but i am missing the knowledge to use it right now. there is no helppatch.

but anyways, thanks,

Actually the underlying library supports keyboard and mouse simulation, I just haven’t wrapped that functionality yet. It maybe a possible solution for your task.
When it comes to key combinations, simulation is sometimes a bit tricky though. I’ve used InputSimulator in the past and some combinations (modified keystrokes) like Alt gr + Q for @ didn’t work when a Stride RenderWindow was in focus.


at first i was unable to understand the nuget, but after watching this
node tutorial i was able to get it done.

here is my little patch that simulates a single key press.

simulate_key_input.vl (5.7 KB)

thanks again

Just FYI. I added keyboard simulation to the latest version of VL.IO.MouseKeyGlobal.


good to know!


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