Sending html / CGI-Commands with vvvv

I am trying to send html / CGI-Commands like “http://root:admin@” with vvvv.
Sending the command simply using Renderer (HTML URL) works only once for each command and i always get an errow window “In dem Script auf dieser Seite ist ein Fehler aufgetreten … nicht abgeschlossene Zeichenfolgenkonstante”.
Using the same commands typing them in into a browser works without problems.

Is there another way to send this command with vvvv ?
I guess it should somehow work with one of the HTTP nodes … but I do not get it to work !?


error.jpg (28.6 kB)

Try the attached patch.

http.v4p (11.1 kB)

Danke Bjoern !

The two different ways using HTTP(Network Get) are both working perfect. I somehow did not expect that this node is the one.

Your third suggestion using HTTP(Network Post) does not work (this node has been my favorite one). Status Message is “HTTP/1.1 401 Not Authorized”

Thanks again


note that a HTTP server specifies many different verbs for possible communication, vvvv supports only the most popular ones GET and POST.

it is one of these wonderfully bizarre things related to the explosive growth of the web, that GET is used for everything including things which would have been done traditionally with a verb like SET.

so the error message from your server when trying POST sounds quite plausible. if not told otherwise, always use HTTP (Network Get)