(Send)xml inconsistency

IHDE.SendXml throws an exception when trying to write special characters.

in this case i was directly taking the data of IPin2.Spread (inserting a simple slice) and copying it back.

so, those special characters are not encoded in the v4p. (neither in IPin2.Spread which is guess is just copying the values attribute) still one get’s an error writing back this way. not nice

SendXml.zip (7.9 kB)

that was a very interesting find as it also caused some other troubles… please check with latest alpha.

looks good, tested a couple of special chars, no problem.

interesting detail: it just discards a crlf without saying anything. a note would be nice, so that one know that it must be escaped.

where do you see the crlf discarding?

tried with the demo patch here.

but will check again at home, .net 4.6 in the alphas is kinda unhandy atm…

alpha solves some problem, but causes others

crlf gets discarded still. just use the testpatch provided and add a crlf somewhere. it will become a space in the set iobox

while trying out i switched on show characters, which now are editable and stay numbers when toggling off again.

to reproduce this, toggle on, edit and add a space toggle off, now you’ll have “#32#32” in the iobox

  • regarding crlf please check latest alpha.
  • regarding “show characters…” thats always been like that. just don’t go into edit mode when this is enabled maaaaan…

crlf works