Send string if logic met?

I am trying to meet a set of argument values which should be obvious with the uploaded patch. At the “switch” value i would rather just have a bang send a string value to the render window but for the life of me I cannot figure this out. I am just starting to make a very simple AI situation where I can get logic to happen with very simple questions. I need to test for various string conditions but also Ill be using this to meet other conditions as well.

what is this noob missing?

adam_arguments.v4p (15.7 kB)

I have no mic, but, if you look at the speech Helpfile, you see the S+H node, this will hold the last output from speech. Because I assume the output goes in a bang aka 1 vvvv frame (that is why that other output is named bang), and with all your dampers you will not see it.

So my advise to you is, learn your bangs, nodes like change and togedge, to produce bangs, and than stuff like monoflop, flipflop, toggle, S+H and counter etc…

Hope it gets you started. If you got more question, be free to ask. :)

Here If fixed it for you ;) (20.5 kB)

So firstly thank you for looking:)but as far as I can tell that doesn’t solve anything for me
I will ask another way then to make it simpler…I simply want to trigger the string when a condition is met. I have left the area in the patch blank where I cannot seem to get a node to fill in that logic step. connect the dots if you will with what ever node is meant to trigger a string to be sent at that point

adam_arguments3.v4p (16.2 kB)

Ow, just use the clock to SWITCH between the morning or afternoon :)

And than use the the “speech” to switch bewteen CU and Goodmorning or goodafternoon… You just had to place more switches… so close ;)

In the patch I show you how to do it if you need more choices than 2, and than the same, but spreaded (less nodes).

Hope this helps…

Switch the switches (38.5 kB)

that helped much more thanks. I managed to make a test patch that tells you the time in a polite manner. Its was a nice little exercise to do get into some vvvv logic. I can imagine this is going to take a long time if I want to emulate AI logic as I have to manually teach it everything…wish there was a better was for AI in vvvv. Thanks for you help Westbam :)))

talking clock.v4p (69.4 kB)

I don’t know anything about AI, except it suxx in some games I play ;)

There are some clever minds here on the forums, you might ask.

And I have no idea if it is usefull for you, but you might you want to check the Automata (animation).