Send some (any) android user event to vvvv whitout a special app

i need to get a bang from my phone to vvvv while an ip cam app is running. i just need a bang. in any way that does not require additional hardware.

tl;dr: is it possible to send user-triggerd-events to my pc while the ip cam app is running (touch, hardware buttons)? is it possible to check a directory on my phone for changes remotly?

what i tried:
my phone plays a sound when i hit the volume keys … i (badly) detect that with the mic of my pc (absurd, i know). at some point i used a little swich, i was holding in the other hand, always lost or forgot that thing. … and other strange ways like snapping my fingers or some such. i could use some simple hardware like a remote control. in fact thats exactly what i’m doing right now (old tv remote + ir blob), but that is cumbersome and ruins the interaction expirience.

i know its unlikely, but is there a way to send hardware button events from my phone to vvvv? in fact any user-triggerd-event, that does not cancel the app would do. i can touch the screen, i can tap the screen and make my phone shake a bit …

the app has a screenshot feature. is it somehow possible to check the screenshot directory of this app remotly? i just need to know if anything changes there. i tried to synch the directory with a dir on my pc, but that takes to long … around 10 sec. (is there something faster? like i said i dont need the screenshot just the change in the dir)

Befor i start building a ir-led-trigger-thing that i can plug in the headphone jack of my phone and turn it on everytime a sound is played, i tought i’ll aks. maybe i just cant see the stupid simple solution here. also i have no idea what android can do.

thanks a lot (for even reading so far :) )

I only know of apps that send/receive data, nothing that can run in the background, which seems good security wise ;)

Does your IPCam app, that you need the ‘trigger’ from streams to a vvvv app? Cant you use that to detect a change?

yes, im getting the stream of the IP Cam via VideoIn EX9 like a normal webcam. Alternativly i can get the video stream with HTMLTexture.

What i want to do is this: I’m filming something on my table or on the whiteboard, this live video gets processed by vvvv to find the contours of what im filming. at some point i want to save the countours and move on to the next peace i want to film. All of this wirelessly via WiFi. If possible i dont want to use any additional hardware.

I know its a long shot and i know that there are no background processes like that allowed in android (for good reason).

i was hopping someone maybe head the same problem and found a way.

I will close this question and post my remote-for-the-head-phone-jack solution as soon as it works … i think its gonna be bluetooth based and will be able to send special tones when i use the hardware keys on my phone … like a dial-up modem :)