Send receive performance

i read and heard that send receive nodes take more performance than hard links. is this still true and what’s the reason , devvs ?

i never encountered any problems although i make heavy use of s & r .

me too never encountered problems…

+1 for all new patches

r nodes need to evaluate the channel and search for the corresponding s node.
then a hidden connection is estabished to the s node.

so typically this takes no time and s&r nodes should performs very well. Note that they might even be faster than ioboxes, since those render their values, when they are visible, which is probably slower than the slight overhead that s&r nodes have.

I have observed that transforms, values and strings are sent by S and R nodes very fast, but textures through S to R are much slower than by a direct connection.

you can notice that especially with IOBox (String) handling large Strings.
i plead for a Show Value on them too

this is hard to believe, since as gregsn described there is not much magic involved in S+Rs. so can you provide an example that shows this behavior?