Send Nodes losing their SendString

Hmmph, the input IOBox only works for an S node, not an R as that input is an enumeration. If the S node goes away then the R enumeration is lost (goes to nil). So it’s still a good idea to put the R input names in the Descriptive Name field for the node…

hi mediadog.
when you make a S node, you are creating a global variable accessible from every patch without link.
The R node use ENUM to list the global variable in the big family ( value / color / string / node ) accessible.
Ord2Enum is a good trick to catch an enum position ( choose the fx technique in the 8 possible techniques, for example).
Be aware that list of global variable is sorted by date of creation. And yes ALWAYS comment with // under the enum box to know what was there ;-)

in >beta25.1 you will need to once select the channel that you want to receive. no default channel gets selected by default. r is on channel (nil) by default and is red on creation. that is by design. choose the channel you want to receive, it gets grey and saved that way…