Self shadowing

Is it possible for a mesh to cast shadow upon itself given a proper topology?


This is with mre.mdmod dx9, a simple test with a vvvv generated primitive, the mesh is not casting shadow on itself.
Shadowing and occlusion do work but in this image the torus should cast a shadow on its internal side facing the light.

Is there a bias setting? Generally self shadowing is tweaked with this setting as it can be a little glitchy. You could try shadows patch I made (sorry you have to search for it, I’m ony phone!)
That definitly does self shadowing, but may have artifacts…

that’s because the shadows in the dx9 mre.mdmod are crap, it’s slightly got better in the DX11 version (Emeshe) but still huge pile of crap. i’m currently thinking constantly on how to improve shadows or implement a better (nicer, accurate, less artifacts) shadow. I have a candidate but with no success yet

the main problem is to avoid massive artifacts i could only come up a naive solution where shadows cast from close objects are a little bit lighter, this is far from accurate but looks better than shadow bias artifacts or banding artifacts

for dx9 shadows Flux’s softshader shader is pretty good, you still have to fight the bias to get self shadows that don’t breakup too much…